Edition #3 — Galleons, Gunpowder and Gecko’s

Hey guys! YARRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Can’t believe this is Edition #3 already, time flies when you’re having fun, eh?

Things never seem to slow down at MoonPirate HQ and we have another action-packed edition for you this week.

Ok where to start…..

  1. Dex Tools
  2. Charity Art
  3. PirateSwap
  4. Wallet Tracker
  5. Donation Wallet
  6. Telegram — Captain MoonPirate
  7. CoinGecko
  8. Competition Time
  9. MoonPirate Merch Store
  10. Times Square New York
  11. Roadmap
  12. Audit
  13. Get Nok
  14. Catchment Brewing Co

Dex Tools

We are now on Dextools and if projects become “trending” on that, it becomes free advertising. The more clicks from users the closer we get to trending. This can also assist with the volume and listing on CMC as they are connected through interfaces.


Charity Art

In Edition #2 I spoke about our Charity Art, which is an awesome looking skull pirate drinking a bottle of rum and holding some treasure. This was hand drawn by a Warhammer game illustrator and is one-of-a-kind piece. We have decided to postpone the auction until June.

This is because Binance NFT is launching in June and this will be the best time to list. Plus you can use BNB in the auction, which will suit the majority of our investors.

Remember ALL profits from this sale will go towards Pirate Party Kids Cancer Charity.


Well we just keep delivering. We are only 3 weeks old and the amount of content, marketing and actual project deliverables we have launched is absolutely crazy.

PirateSwap is based on PancakeSwap and allows investors to purchase MoonPirate in the easiest way possible! Some of the benefits of MoonPirate include:

  • MoonPirate themed
  • Defaults to V1 (where our liquidity is) so no confusing V1 vs V2 for investors
  • Defaults Slippage to 5% which suits MoonPirate and users don’t have to worry about slippage errors (you can still manually change this if need be)
  • Don’t need to add MoonPirate addresses manually, it will default. Also eliminates the chances of putting an incorrect address in (remember we had some scammers with fake MoonPirate addresses).

At the moment, PirateSwap has been kept quite simple for the initial release. However, we have many plans for PirateSwap (all I can say right now).

PirateSwap can be accessed via our website and also at:

Wallet Tracker

Not only did we release PirateSwap, but the suprises didn’t stop there!

You can now access our very own Wallet Tracker! Simply add your wallet address and it will tell you:

  • how many MoonPirate tokens you hold
  • the value of your MoonPirate holdings
  • the amount of money you have made by simply “holding”
  • Donation wallet total amount (more in section below)

This is not something many tokens release, so we are really pushing out a lot of tools here in such a short period of time.

Donation Wallet

We now have an official Donation Wallet, which is held by Val our Community Lead. With our updated roadmap coming in a few days (yarrrr can’t wait), we will be looking to expand even more. We are already in discussions with exchanges but these all cost a lot of money.

No one is obliged to chip in at all, only if you feel like you can and have the means to do so. If you can’t, that’s fine. For those wanting to make a contribution, the wallet address is:


Telegram — Captain MoonPirate

It came to my attention that a scammer was pretending to be me on Telegram and asking members for money. I will NOT contact anyone first and my Telegram name is:


(the scammer had two “r’s” in pirate)

Please be careful.


So the most asked question we get is “when will you be on CG?”.

Well it finally happened.

Not only did we get listed on CoinGecko, but one of the owners popped into our Telegram Group last night for a chat and said he was very impressed with what we were doing, which was really nice of them!

We were also trending on CoinGecko for quite a bit last night, which was great to see.

Remember to sign up for a CG account, search for MoonPirate and hit the Star button :)

So CG is now done. CMC next — should be close ;)

Competition Time

We have a great MoonPirate giveaway which anyone can enter!

Simply click the below link and submit as many entries as you can.


MoonPirate Merch Store

Our merch store went live this week!! (geez, we were busy again this week weren’t we).

To keep it simple, we have only added one item to the catalogue to start with. A smart black MoonPirate T-Shirt.

We will be adding more items shortly.

I tried the merch store myself and it was one of the most user friendly experiences I’ve had purchasing online. I got the tracking information a day after ordering (remember to check your SPAM folder if you haven’t received it).

Times Square New York

Yep, we did it. MoonPirate was in Times Square New York!

It was pretty crazy watching the videos/pics come flooding in. Very cool indeed!

See some cool pics below and also check out this video.


Our updated Roadmap is coming on the 10th.

And it will be awesome.

Stay tuned.


I have contacted TechRate who are adding MoonPirate to their website (as we paid for the full audit). So anyone browsing the TechRate website should see us on it any day now.

Get Nok

So Get Nok (the start-up company who are producing the MoonPirate rum) are as excited as we are. The CEO was blown away by the Times Square NY Billboard and can’t wait for things to start moving.

There’s not much to report since last week…things are moving along nicely and will continue to do so.

The most exciting announcement is the service agreement between Get Nok and MoonPirate has been signed by both parties, just to make it official. I just need to get this scanned and email it to Get Nok next week.

They have also shared more images of the Get Nok HQ. The pictures this week are from their official office (there is also an office attached to the distillery which was shared last week).

Get Nok conference room (note: this is also shared with other businesses)
The view from the Get Nok office

And finally, we have been contacted by a few restaurants who want to serve MoonPirate! So awareness is really starting to spread, which is great to see.

Remember, when the time comes, Get Nok will offer international shipping (some countries are not allowed for specific reasons).

Catchment Brewing Co

We announced that Catchment Brewing Co were launching a MoonPirate Tropical IPA in around 5–6 weeks (should be 4–5 weeks now).

They officially announced this on their own social channels which was great to see.

If you haven’t already, show the Catchment Brewing Co team some love and like/share/comment on their Insta and Facebook posts:



They have a fantastic CEO who loves to innovate with the beers they produce and MoonPirate Tropical IPA is going to be YUM!

There is quite a few of us going on launch night (including me) and I hope to see a few of the Aussie contingent there. This date is TBD.

The awesome looking Catchment Brewing Co at West End, Brisbane, Australia

Until next week, YARRRRR!!!!!

For more information go to https://moonpirate.finance