Edition #4 — Riches, Rum & Roadmaps

The weeks seem to get busier and busier and fly by quicker and quicker!

Firstly, what a week we had price wise. After nearly a fortnight of consolidation, people are finally starting to see MoonPirate is a serious project.

And still, we are only 4 weeks old TODAY. We are still baby pirates learning to steer the ship and the horizon looks mighty wonderful.

This week’s edition contains the following:

  1. Price, Holders and Market
  2. Live AMA Updates
  3. Merch Update
  4. PirateSwap Update
  5. MoonPirate Hub / Roadmap
  6. How To Buy Guide
  7. Governance Platform Alpha Testing
  8. Custom PS5 Giveaway
  9. Car Giveaway
  10. $1000 MoonPirate Winner
  11. Twitter YARRRRR
  12. CMC Update
  13. Marketing
  14. Parrots
  15. Lucia’s Port
  16. Admin Team Discord Transition
  17. AMA Get Nok CEO
  18. Catchment Brewery Update

Price and Market

MoonPirate is really starting to get noticed now and as a result we are now well over 70,000 holders!!! This is a mighty impressive effort for a project just a few weeks old. I’ve said this quite a few times, I don’t know of any other project on Binance Smart Chain, which has delivered as much as us in such a short period of time. It’s a real credit to everyone. The beautiful thing is our price is organic growth, which is wonderful. So many projects on BSC get pumped up, then crashes and the project is barely alive a few hours/days later. We have made it clear MoonPirate is something serious and we can’t wait to see where we will be in 12 month’s time.

The MoonPirate chart really rocketed this week and we got quite close to an All Time High. We have now consolidated again and the chart looks very healthy. Again, as we’ve said from the very start, you need to do your own research and only invest amounts you are comfortable with. We are probably opposite to most projects who scream “Buy! Buy! Buy!” but we have pirate ethics here and we’ve all seen what a simple Tweet (from a powerful man) can do to the market. I’ll get to that in a minute. Personally, I couldn’t be happier where MoonPirate is currently sitting and I’m super excited regarding our future.

As briefly mentioned above, there were some factors outside of our control which caused a mini market slump this week. This affected ALL tokens and MoonPirate actually did quite well and didn’t get wounded as much as a lot of others. I guess that is testament to our community and how much everyone believes in this project. In regards to these factors, I am of course talking about the Elon Musk tweet, stating Tesla are no longer accepting Bitcoin as payment due to the token not being environmentally friendly. This caused BTC to have a drop and when BTC drops, people panic and everything drops. It’s crazy that one man can hold so much power in the crypto space. The other factor was Vitalik Buterin, pulling out $1 Billion worth of Shiba Inu and giving it away to charity. This move was very questionable and this also played a part in this week’s proceedings. The good news is we are recovering already and we look to keep progressing forward and reach our next target.

Live AMA Updates

Three team members (Captain, Val and Lucia) held a live Twitch AMA during the week. This AMA received lots of good feedback which was fantastic to see and we are looking to do this on a weekly basis.

On top of this, we are planning on updating our website with the full team including profile pictures.

I am super proud of the team that has been put together and trust me when I say, this is the most competent and down to earth team I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They know how to get things done and to a high standard.

Merch Update

The MoonPirate t-shirt is selling very well. I received mine during the week and the quality is very good and it’s super comfy. We made it clear that we only wanted to start off with one item, just to ensure the store worked as expected. The checkout process using PayPal is very clean and the shipping is actually very fast.

As a result, we will be dropping more merch very soon so keep a look out :)

PirateSwap Update

I’m so pleased to hear all the positive feedback on PirateSwap.

People are finding it MUCH easier having the MoonPirate token default in, not having to worry about PancakeSwap versions and also not having to worry about slippage.

Also remember that PirateSwap is still only an Alpha release. The entire MoonPirate ecosystem will be grown, expanded and will naturally mature as we move forward.

PirateSwap will continue to be our recommended way to purchase MoonPirate. It will connect to the likes of Trust Wallet and Metamask in the same way as PancakeSwap.

I’d highly recommend giving it a go. However, if you are adamant on using PancakeSwap, use V1 and slippage at 5%. Ignore any V1 warnings that pop up, these are a non-issue.


If you have already bought on V2, don’t sweat, it’s fine. Especially if you bought a low amount. If buying a higher amount, it just means means you may get less tokens, which I’m sure you don’t want.

MoonPirate Hub / RoadMap

MoonPirate announced the launch of our MoonPirate Hub this week.

Essentially, MoonPirate Hub is your one-stop-shop to find out all the latest on MoonPirate. It will contain:

  • About MoonPirate
  • Tokenomics
  • Audits
  • LIVE Updates
  • 12 Month Roadmap
  • How To Buy
  • FAQs and more

I strongly urge ALL investors to check it out. It should answer 99.9% of the questions you have :)

The Roadmap is ambitious, exciting and piratey! YARRRR super exciting!

You can check out our Roadmap and other aspects of the MoonPirate Hub by clicking the “Roadmap” header on our website (this will take you directly to the Roadmap within the Hub). Alternatively, you can save this URL to your Favourites:


How To Buy Guide

We have launched a VERY thorough How To Buy Guide, which can also be found within the MoonPirate Hub. The team put A LOT of effort into this, and it steps investors through the entire process, including:

  • Downloading and setting up new wallet
  • Adding funds to wallet
  • Buying MoonPirate

If you are unsure on the buying process, or have friends and family looking to invest, please share this with them.

Governance Platform Alpha Testing

MoonPirate is a governance token. In fact, we are the world’s first deflationary governance token for crypto liquor. Check out our Litepaper to read more.

Not only will investors have say/vote on upcoming alcohol launches, but you will also have a say on everything and anything MoonPirate related! This could range from fun, small decisions to the big, important project fundamental type decisions.

And the more MoonPirate you hold, the more say you have! Hence why the Governance Platform is being introduced. Again, we are really setting ourselves a part here and delivering platforms that make us well and truly stand out from the crowd.

Custom PS5 Giveway

We like keeping the community engaged. We are a serious project but we like to have a good time as well (we have meme like qualities bit with serious use case / fundamentals — the perfect balance).

To celebrate 10,000 followers on Twitter, we are giving away a custom PS5 (disc version of course). The PS5 is BRAND NEW and will be wrapped in a one-of-a-kind MoonPirate themed decal.

You can read more in our tweet here.

We already have over 3000 entries with 13 days left. So whoever wins is going to be one lucky winner!!

Note: as per conditions on competition page, this competition is hosted in the United Kingdom. We can ship internationally — if the winner is outside the UK, they will be responsible for shipping costs, import fees and purchasing the appropriate power adaptor for their country.

Good luck!!!!

Car Giveaway

If you thought a PS5 giveaway was cool, then you’ll be blown away by this one. We are also giving away a car! See our Tweet here.

I can’t release too much information at this stage but you won’t want to miss this one.

Stay tuned pirates……..

$1000 MoonPirate Giveaway

This was just drawn an hour or so ago and congrats to:

The winner has been emailed and the MoonPirate tokens are coming your way.


Our Twitter account is going bonkers! We are approaching 12,000 followers and the engagement has been amazing.

Our Twitter posts are not only engaging, fun and informational, they have that little bit of “sarcastic piratey edginess” which people find quite witty and charming.

One of our posts during the week received over 1000 likes and over 650 retweets! I am of course referring to our reply to Mister “GOTCHAHAT” Jake Paul. There’s a cool little video snippet (with MoonPirate rap song) in the tweet as well. Check it out if you haven’t already by going here.

CMC Update

This isn’t so much an update (sorry guys!). But CMC is coming!!!

I just ask that no one spams CMC on any of their social accounts so there is no delay. Shouldn’t be much longer.


Our project fundamentals and announcements are really marketing themselves, however the team has organised a lot marketing in the past week.

From YouTube videos to TikToker’s to Tweets to Reddit posts to giveaways and even a unique MoonPirate ASMR video (Note: you will either find the ASMR video cool and gradually fall into a peaceful sleep or you will just find it plain weird, but probably not in between haha). Click the ASMR link above to watch.

We have WorldStar video coming out next week which has been building up for over 2 weeks now. This one will be BIG!!!!!!!


We held a Telegram group discussion during the week regarding a loveable, slightly beaten up, feathery friend. Yes, I’m referring to Parrot (he doesn’t have a name yet).

You can even hear our little buddy talk here.

So we put it out to the community what we could name him and what we could use him for. I wasn’t expecting much of a response but got over 200 messages!!! It seems like he’s more loveable than I thought…..

The community will decide the name and use case and a poll will be created in the Telegram group within the next 12 hours.

Lucia’s Port

For those in Telegram and Discord, you’ve probably seen Lucia around A LOT. The woman doesn’t sleep.

She was also in our AMA during the week alongside Val and I, so it’s good that people can put a face to the name. I am giving Lucia her own column in these medium articles, starting with Edition #5 next week.

Lucia will give a voice to all our females pirates out there — thanks for joining the pirate ship ladies!!!!!!!!!

Admin Team Discord Transition

Our team has been using Telegram nearly exclusively but made the move to Discord during the week. The ability to organise plans, marketing ideas, To-Do lists and roles is so much better in Discord (from an administration perspective).

However the team will operate in both Telegram and Discord chats, pretty much 24/7 as we have done since day one.


We had Nick, thet Get Nok CEO join us live in Telegram during the week for an AMA (Ask me Anything). He was intervied by myself (The Captain).

I won’t say too much here but it’s a very interesting read and I urge everyone to spend the time reading it. Full transcript can be read here.

Catchment Brewery Update

The Brewing process HAS STARTED. Refer to our Tweet here.

The ALC/VOL will be 6.5% which sounds amazing for an Indian Pale Ale.

I even received a few emails from the Catchment CEO during the week…not only has he purchased a few Trillion MoonPirate tokens, he even dressed up as a pirate on the first day of brewing. What a legend!

The launch party will be around 3 to 4 weeks away and once a firm date is known, I will let everyone know (we are looking at a Saturday night). I also need to speak to the CEO around venue limits in regards to capacity on the night. I’ll be sure to keep everyone in the loop.

There is also a promoational video being made TODAY for the launch night. Expect this video to be available next week.

We have provided two tap labels to Catchment, a blue and orange one. I will let them choose which one they use.

Ok guys, that’s it from me this week!

Be safe.
Be cool.
Be pirates (of the moon variety of course).




For more information go to https://moonpirate.finance

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For more information go to https://moonpirate.finance

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