Edition #4 — Riches, Rum & Roadmaps

  1. Price, Holders and Market
  2. Live AMA Updates
  3. Merch Update
  4. PirateSwap Update
  5. MoonPirate Hub / Roadmap
  6. How To Buy Guide
  7. Governance Platform Alpha Testing
  8. Custom PS5 Giveaway
  9. Car Giveaway
  10. $1000 MoonPirate Winner
  11. Twitter YARRRRR
  12. CMC Update
  13. Marketing
  14. Parrots
  15. Lucia’s Port
  16. Admin Team Discord Transition
  17. AMA Get Nok CEO
  18. Catchment Brewery Update

Price and Market

Live AMA Updates

Merch Update

PirateSwap Update

MoonPirate Hub / RoadMap

  • About MoonPirate
  • Tokenomics
  • Audits
  • LIVE Updates
  • 12 Month Roadmap
  • How To Buy
  • FAQs and more

How To Buy Guide

  • Downloading and setting up new wallet
  • Adding funds to wallet
  • Buying MoonPirate

Governance Platform Alpha Testing

Custom PS5 Giveway

Car Giveaway

$1000 MoonPirate Giveaway


CMC Update



Lucia’s Port

Admin Team Discord Transition


Catchment Brewery Update



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