Edition #5 — Turmoil, Trades & Treasure Island

For those who missed our previous Edition (#4), please have a read here. There is LOTS of good stuff in this previous edition (and all previous editions for that matter).

These Medium articles are ALWAYS jam-packed and this one is no different. In fact, I have so much to write I don’t even know where to start.

I think I’ll start by addressing three important points.

Firstly, WE ARE REAL. Get Nok LLC is real. Catchment Brewery is real. Further collaborations/expansions will be real. MoonPirate is real.

Obviously this wasn’t the best week due to factors “outside of our control”, which I’ll talk about later (it’s affecting ALL cryptocoins and we are actually doing quite well compared to a lot of others). But some people don’t do any research, don’t check any websites, don’t check any roadmaps, don’t read any of these articles, don’t watch any AMA’s (you get my point)…and when they see the price fall, they automatically think the worst.

Please, I implore EVERYONE to read as much as they can about this project. I mean, this is your money. I know I would not buy anything without doing due diligence first.

My second point is around our use case. We are about to release our fully fledged whitepaper (which will be on our website next week). But a question I see quite a lot is — how is the alcohol contributing to the success of our project?

My answer — have you heard of Chiliz? They are a governance token in the football industry. We are looking to be the governance token in the alcohol industry. And it’s not just about drinking. It’s about our investors having a say and being involved every step along the way. Small decisions, large decisions — with our incoming governance platform, everyone will have a fair say! It’s about introducing new concepts like QR Codes on the sides of cans/bottles and having bottles tracked on the blockchain via NFT’s. These could then be resold and potentially grow in value over time. It brings a whole new dimension to everything. We are changing the crypto game. It’s the DIGITAL world meets the REAL world and the possibilities are endless. Watch a small video on our Instagram below:


Putting the alcohol to the side for a minute, we also have a fully fledged MoonPirate ecosystem in the works. I mean, it’s already started with the likes of PirateSwap (Alpha release). Check our website. Check our roadmap. Imagine the possibilities. I’ve said a few times an ultimate goal would be a MoonPirate crypto bar where you can buy burgers and drinks using fiat, but get big discounts with a MoonPirate loyalties card (which connects to your wallet). Now, something like that is a long way away and is simply a pipe dream at this stage, but if we continue to grow/expand/mature, I can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

A lot of people still don’t understand crypto. It’s confusing. It’s not yet mainstream, although it’s getting mighty close and is simply a matter of time. But when people see a cryptocoin linked to REAL items (things you can see, touch and drink), it makes us seem much more real in their eyes…because, well, we actually are.

And my last point is regarding our team. The MoonPirate team. I believe in this team so much. They are the most talented group of individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. I’m talking extremely switched on individuals. And I’m not being smug here (I’m actually the total opposite of that), but I’m a confident person and I would bet on myself. Just like I would bet on Val and the rest of the team. I read a pinned message in Telegram yesterday which was from Val. I was asleep (time zones suck) when he made it. He basically addressed the market conditions and said he was extremely proud of all the Diamond Hooks (holders) we have but also said that MoonPirate understood to those who sold. I gave Val a little clap when I read that because it’s exactly what I would have said. Our team is aligned. Not many other projects have the compassion and class that we show here at MoonPirate. Do I have MoonPirate tinted glasses on? Maybe a little haha!! But we are here for the long haul and I can’t wait.

Ok, that was a longer introduction than I planned. On with the rest of this edition…

  1. Market News (Elon, Chinese News, BTC fall etc.)
  2. CoinMarketCap / TrustWallet / CoinBase
  3. Marketing — Rap/WorldStar/TikTok/Reddit/MarketWatch
  4. AMA’s / Voice Chat
  5. Website Update / Governance Launchpad / V1 PancakeSwap
  6. Rummie (our feathery little mate)
  7. Exchanges / Donation Wallet
  8. Commercial Deck / WhitePaper
  9. Lucia’s Port
  10. Get Nok Update
  11. Catchment Brewery MoonPirate Tropical IPA Launch Date / brewing pics

Market News

Well, what a turbulent, unexpected week we had. Crypto had a big dip this week (and when I say crypto, I’m talking about nearly every single coin/token).


Well, it wasn’t driven by a single factor. It was a strangely odd combination of Elon Musk and Chinese fears, amongst a few other things.

Rather than me talk through it, I found a great article on decrypt.co who explain it much better than I ever could.

I urge everyone to read this:
Decrypt Article — 5 Reasons for the Crypto Market Crash

Word on the street is that things will start looking much better as early as next week. Let’s wait and see. Also remember, this is not new in crypto. It’s a reason why crypto is so volatile. This has occurred on numerous occasions over the past few years. Just remember, every single time it has rebounded beautifully. Sometimes this game just takes a little patience ;)

CoinMarketCap / TrustWallet / CoinBase

The above picture says it all! We are now on CMC! As a result of this, we gained many new holders and the price went up quite nicely. We did see a whale or two exit and then the market crash occurred, so unfortunately we couldn’t fully capitalise on this, but not to worry. To us, CMC is NOT about that initial pump. Not for serious projects like us. CMC puts us on the radar of many investors and firmly puts MoonPirate on the map. This opens MANY more exciting opportunities and allows us to grow as a project. And that is why CMC is so exciting.

For those who haven’t already, please ensure you create a CMC account, search for MoonPirate and then add it to your Favourites list.

As a result of being on CMC, the price is now reflected in TrustWallet. As our team have been saying, TrustWallet isn’t the best way to monitor your price (although it is convenient). Remember we also have our Pirate Wallet Tracker as well:


(this will also show you how much you’ve made by simply holding).

MoonPirate is now also on CoinBase!!! See our Tweet here.

Marketing — Rap/WorldStar/TikTok/Reddit

Well, MoonPirate dropped some sick campaigns this week :)

We released not one, but TWO, rap video’s. And I’m talking high-quality stuff.

Firstly there was:

MoonPirate Rap — King Osiris ft. Cleva Thoughts

Click the link above to watch. Remember, this is copyright so be careful doing any reaction videos!

Then there was:

Raiding the Game (MoonPirate) — J Nolan

Again, click the link above to watch. This one is copyright free and it’s also available on Spotify!

Both show the amount of work and dedication the team put into our marketing campaigns. Personally, I haven’t seen other cryptocoins produce videos to this professional standard.

Which one is your favourite? We would love to know. Comment and share these videos!

We then had WorldStar drop one of our videos on their Instagram channel, which you can check out here.

Furthermore, we had a VERY talented young lady sing the MoonPirate Wellerman song which can be viewed here.

Our MoonPirate sub-reddit is also picking up lots of steam which is great to see. Let’s continue making this sub-reddit as engaging as we can!!! You can view our sub-reddit here.

We also had a nice article in MarketWatch during the week, which can be read here.

AMA’s / Voice Chat

Our weekly AMA’s continue and we thank everyone for making them so engaging. We try and answer as many questions as we can (generally go for around 45–60min) and we thank you for this.

If there’s any questions you may have, join in next time and ask away!!! The more interaction with the community, the better!

We also held a very postive Voice Chat on Telegram during the week. This allowed for an AMA type session and just a general chat so everyone could mingle and say hi. Our Voice Chat is very popular in MoonPirate and we will strive to make these organised Voice Chats a common occurrence.

Website Update / Governance Launchpad / V1 PancakeSwap

As always, our website continued to be updated throughout the week.

The biggest change is the introduction of live stats. That’s right, you can now see LIVE STATS on our website:

You will see our Market Cap has fallen, but remember, this is relevant to how much BNB is worth (and this has also fallen during the week).

We also have over 86,000 holders now! Incredible! Let’s keep it going…amazing stuff! YARRR!!!!

Remember we also have all our social media links on our website too:

We spoke in the last edition about our incoming Governance launchpad. This is still undergoing testing but is very close to being launched. I see this as a critical step towards the success of our token, after all, we are a governance token. Expect more news very soon and we will launch it with a poll so everyone can try it :)

Finally, remember that our liquidity is in V1 of PancakeSwap. Here is a post I have been sharing quite a bit in Telegram:

We STRONGLY recommend using PirateSwap.app

It’s EXACTLY the same to use as Pancakeswap but with a few added benefits plus easier to use.

It’s part of the MoonPirate ecosystem and was created by our team. It will connect to the likes of Trust Wallet and Metamask in the same way as pancakeswap.

And you don’t have to worry about choosing versions or anything like that. Even the correct slippage and contract address is defaulted. It’s a simplified process.

If you are adamant on using pancakeswap for some reason, use V1 and slippage at 5%. Ignore any V1 warnings that pop up, these are a non-issue.


If you have already bought on V2, don’t sweat, it’s fine. Especially if you bought a low amount. If buying a higher amount, it just means means you may get less tokens, which I’m sure you don’t want.

Rummie (our feathery little mate)

Our little mate has a name (Rummie) AND a use case!

We will be creating a host of Rummie NFT’s and these will be auctioned off on Binance NFT in June. Remember we also have our MoonPirate art, drawn by Warhammer game illustrator. This one will be for Pirate Party Kids Cancer Charity. Check out Edition #2 for more information.

Rummie, however, will be used to virtually adopt “real” parrots. This is all about giving parrots a better home/life and Rummie will help this happen. After all, a parrot is a pirate’s best friend.

Exchanges / Donation Wallet

Now that we are listed on CMC, discussions with exchanges have started.

I can’t give too much away yet, mainly because I don’t want to excite anyone when it hasn’t happened yet. But we WILL deliver on our roadmap so make sure you check that our here.

I will say we are speaking with BitMart right now and the listing price is $50K (yep, exchanges aren’t cheap).

We have three community members willing to donate $10K each, which means we are $20K short. We will have an exchange campaign soon, to see if the community can help us reach this target. Remember, you are not obliged to donate money. This is entirely up to you.

If you wish to donate BNB or BUSD, you can do so here:


You can also check the size of the Donation wallet at wallet.pirateswap.app

Throughout the week, we also EASILY won a poll on the GATE IO Reddit page. Well done to everyone who voted. This poll does NOT guarantee us a GATE IO listing, however it does mean we are potentially on their radar. We are just sorting out our whitepaper and we will then apply and see what happens.

Commercial Deck / WhitePaper

I’m not going to share much here as these will both be on our website soon.

This is just a FYI they are coming.

The Commercial Deck will be used as a MoonPirate selling point to distilleries/breweries/wineries.

The WhitePaper will be…well, a WhitePaper.

Looking forward to adding these in the next week.

Lucia’s Port

Ahoy! The Captain has already kindly introduced me in his last medium. However, for all those who may not know, my main role is communications manager. It’s a fact — I do not get enough sleep! But this is all for good reason of course. My section here will continue weekly and include insights / topics that I think are relevant and important to mention. Think of it as my short thoughts section. We have a long journey aboard this ship, so it’s good to stop at a port now and then.

What a crazy red week it’s been — not just for us Pirates but for all projects. See, I have never been a fan of social media, Twitter especially.. Left to the wrong hands it can cause a few storms. I have seen the impact the market has had on some in the community and I wanted to let you know simply — do not panic. When at sea sometimes it’s better to keep calm and let the waves lead the way.

This aside, it’s time to get to the focus of my first entry, Community! I think this is a good starting port — sorry point.

Being a community run governance token, harmony within the community is everything.The first aim of our community chat groups is to unite and engage each other with what our goals and movements are. We update you on our missions and get you involved with key decisions. Another aim is to be a safe haven for us all to openly discuss. This should be done in a healthy manner with no restrictions. We encourage suggestions and love hearing them — just voice them kindly. Yes — there are times we get questions that even ruffle Rummie’s feathers. Nevertheless, remain calm and answer them with a smile.

We, not just as a community but as humans, need to stick to a level of respect with each other. I see us as a big family and although most of the time there is great banter — I have also seen (on the odd occasion) unnecessary behaviour. Do not get me wrong — we are all guilty of having a bad day. Sometimes things get hard in our own lives but that is no excuse to be disrespectful to others. That being said — any discrimination or harassment will always be shut down straight away in our community. The team has certain rules that result in an instant ban. If you ever feel uncomfortable or would like to speak to anyone — please message me or any member of the admin team. That is what we are here for.

Currently, as I type, we have above a 19k group of people spread between TG and discord and FB — all from different cultures, genders, races and backgrounds in life. We live in separate time zones and speak multiple languages. This is bound to cause misunderstandings — especially over text. Please remember this when speaking to each other across our platforms and be mindful of each other. Be respectful. This will harmonise us as a team and the positivity will spread. We are all here for the same reason. We all have a purpose here. That is why we are united together — in this case as pirates.

Quote for the week: “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members,” Coretta Scott King.

Get Nok Update

The distillery equipment has landed!

It’s currently in a holding centre in Santa Ana and will be in the distillery soon. Expect lots of pics and videos in the coming weeks!

Remember, we also have a signed service agreement with Get Nok that was reviewed by our lawyer. This was signed around a week ago.

Catchment Brewery MoonPirate Tropical IPA Launch Date / brewing pics

Last week we announced that the MoonPirate Tropical IPA (which is a new batch made specifically in collaboration with our project) has come in at 6.5% ALC/VOL.

Lots of updates out of Catchment this week as well.

Firstly, we have a launch date!!!

4pm June 26 @ Catchment Brewing Co in Brisbane

Check out our promotional video here.

Now, we can only have 100 guests maximum. Therefore, if you are DEFINITELY coming, please fill out this form below:


This is important if you wish to attend!!!!!

Catchment Brewing have also shared some cool pics with us during the week.

The first pic below is of a wurst sample of the MoonPirate Tropical IPA:

The second pic is the mash recirculating for the brew:

Things progressing very nicely and it’s going to be great to catch-up with people on June 26.

I will be doing giveaways, putting on MoonPirate Tropical IPA bar tab and also supplying food/platters. If you have any questions regarding this event, reach out to me on Telegram (@moonpirateadmin).

Some of the giveaways will include MoonPirate hats and MoonPirate/Catchment coasters:

Well that’s it from me pirates.

Sorry for the long article but there’s always so much going on at MoonPirate HQ.

Until next week…




For more information go to https://moonpirate.finance

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