Edition #8 — Turbo Pirate (Quick Read)

Ok guys, I am really strapped for time this weekend, hence I’ve called this edition “Turbo Pirate”. I’m going to deliver the news, straight-to-the-point, with no fluff.

So here we go.

  1. Market Update
  2. Crypto
  3. Project Fundamentals/Marketing
  4. Investor Deck (coming soon)
  5. CMC/CG Issue
  6. MoonPirate Energy Drinks (Kraken Cherry & Seven Seas Original)
  7. MoonPirate Tropical IPA (Catchment Brewery Co)
  8. Augmented Reality App (Android/Apple)
  9. Coinsbit
  10. MoonPirate Coins
  11. Poker + Games
  12. Twitter Giveaway + Elite NFT collection
  13. MoonPirate Crypto-Rum (Get Nok)

1. Market Update

The first three chapters in this edition is a straight copy and paste from a few MoonPirate team members (thanks guys!). I saw these posted on Telegram and thought it was worth sharing in here. Read below.

Regarding the market, well, allow me to shine some light, many people never paid attention because most were busy watching doom and gloom videos on youtube.

This is all recent news.

1. Apple is getting into crypto!

2. Amazon preparing to launch a ‘Digital Currency’ Project in Mexico (Feb 2021)

3. Amazon again announced they are hiring more people for crypto

4. Israeli’s plan to exempt Bitcoin from Capital Gains Tax (Sept 2020)

5. El Salvador being the first country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender, with more countries looking to join them

6. Warren Buffet said about Bitcoin, it’s a “delusion” and “rat poison,” and he vowed last year to never own any cryptocurrencies, arguing they attract charlatans and “basically have no value.” This was in 2018. Now, as of this week, he invested $500m in a crypto bank in Latin America. So now Warren Buffett is invested in Crypto.

The only negativity for crypto recently was the following.

1. Elon Musk Tweets

2. News about India banning crypto, this news was from 2018, and they repeated it in 2021 after Elon!

3. News about China stopping Bitcoin mines, this was already in effect since 2013, they were just repeating it again in 2021, again after Elon news!

4. News about China banned initial coin offerings (ICO’s) back in 2017, again this was repeated in 2021, albeit a bit different, saying it’s a straight up ban which is a lie, again after Elon news!

Keep in mind China just launched their own crypto yuan in April.

Then after the dip you saw Elon switching his Twitter back to bitcoin and supporting crypto, posting diamond hands etc.

The market will recover because the rich want it to recover, you will start to see youtube channels becoming more positive, less doom and gloom. and mark this on your calendar. Looking at prior trends, a lot of people think that from July 16 we could see an explosive market pump. It’s all speculation of course, but historically July 16 looks promising as that’s around the quarterly bonus period and more money that can go into the market.

2. Crypto

Is a crypto a technology that solves current problems in the world? Yes.

Can crypto improve upon existing businesses/matters/sysrems etc? Yes.

What are all businesses in the world created on the back of? — Solving a problem.

What do the most successful businesses do first and foremost? Solve a problem that no one else has solved OR improve an existing solution to a problem.

Think of the innovative minds behind AirBnB & Uber. These are two companies that rival the best hotels and taxi services in the world — without owning a hotel or taxi.

Crypto will not only create new solutions but improve on existing ones. This is the simple formula to success.

3. Project Fundamentals/Marketing

We are building the fundamentals of this project — while we are actively investing in marketing where we can, spending all our funds on high profile influencers or famous people to promote our coin could harm our development. It would force our hand to sell MoonPirate holdings to minimise risk or the price falling to get the return on initial investment as well as ensure we have the funds to continue development — working against an influencer “pump” anyway. It’s risk vs reward and steep price growth off the back of speculation is not sustainable and will eventually correct. Whilst we want success for all our holders — this is something we can target when we have further established our products and systems. It will ensure we also get the most out of any marketing campaigns we run.

Some of these other coins/meme tokens have no operation costs — some to the extent of copy/paste code for websites and systems — and donations to charity, etc. And all their developments are virtual and simply off the back of building a name to attract value. We are in an entirely different playing field to those coins — we will be required to survive a bear market for example — if one was to occur, so our fundamentals are crucial to that. These other coin will have no legs to stand on in the same setting if they solely rely on speculative investors/opportunists.

4. Investor Deck

Ok, you’re probably thinking right now “this isn’t a turbo article, that’s a lot of words already!”

Yes, but I just copied and pasted ALL of the above. Thanks to my team members for helping out! From here on in, I’m getting straight to the point.

The investor deck is 95% complete and looks amazing. It it, without a doubt, the best investor deck I’ve seen in the crypto space for a long time. An investor deck is basically a high-level overview on what MoonPirate is and what we stand for. It’s not as technical as a Whitepaper and is more fun/attractive and really gets peoples attention.

This will be shared next week by Captain Hondo. TRUST ME, this deck is great and will really showcase what we are doing, what we stand for, what our mission is and more! It’s a great read and it will turn eyes.

5. CMC/CG Issue

We are aware of the MoonPirate Market Data not being properly tracked on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko and we have submitted tickets to both for the issue to be resolved.

We will advise everyone when this is resolved.

In the meantime, to accurately see price and volume, try using some of the other charts available:

PooCoin — MoonPirate
Bogged Finance — MoonPirate

6. MoonPirate Energy Drinks (Kraken Cherry & Seven Seas Original)

Community voted on flavours (we chose two due to voting being so close).

Community voted on can designs.

Order and been placed and paid for.

There will be 600 cans in Phase 1 to test the waters and to make sure it’s as polished as it can be. There will be 75 x 4 packs of each flavour (150 x 4 packs in total).

Manufacturing has begun and it will take around 4 weeks for the product to be ready + shipping. So we are looking at mid July when these will be ready to sell.

MoonPirate is now working on the e-commerce side to ensure we have our technical platforms in place, so these can be sold.

7. MoonPirate Tropical IPA (Catchment Brewery Co)

June 26 is getting closer and closer and we are getting more excited with every passing day.

You can see a countdown to this event in Telegram by typing in the command /countdown

This will share the below countdown timer:

MoonPirate Launch Party

We now have 81 RSVps, which is getting very close to the inital 100 spots. However, due to a cancelled event upstarts at Catchment Brewery, we now have 150 spots available. If anyone in Brisbane wishes to attend, please fill out the below form:


We also received some more giveaways to hand out on the night such as stubby coolers and stickers.

MoonPirate x Catchment also featured in our first media article!! Check it out below:

8. Augmented Reality App (Android/Apple)

Version 4 (Alpha Testing) was made available today.

Testing will continue today.

There is 15 authentic pirate phrases the MoonPirate will say (in augmented reality).

You can scan energy drink can, beer can, rum bottle and anything which has a MoonPirate Logo (clothing, tattoo, stickers etc.)

It’s a lot of fun and looks great.

It will be on Android/Apple store hopefully in June but it will depend on Apple approval timeframes etc. I would say early July at the very latest.

To see V3 in action, check the Tweet below:

AR App Example

9. Coinsbit

Our second exchange is very close! We are not allowed to say the date but it’s close :)

For more information on exchanges, read Edition #7

10. MoonPirate Coins

We now have an official Moonpirate Coin Shop. We have a MoonPirate Holder who has fantastic experience in numismatics, and he has owned his own coin business in the past. We will be starting off small, with 1.75" Brass Challenge Coins. There will be four products at launch, to include colorized options and different finishes. The proceeds from our Coin Shop will go directly toward the development of Moonpirate.

Here is a sample of one the four:

Our initial order has been placed, and they should arrive in a few weeks. I’ll be receiving a sample of each so that our core team can create amazing listing photos for the shop. We will then launch an Ebay store with its own homepage and access to the coins.

Our long term goal is to offer copper, silver, and gold bullion, so let’s all do our part and support the mission. Exciting times ahead.

Any questions can be directed to Chris on our telegram, or you may interact with the Coin Shop Twitter account, @moonpiratecoins

Or, reach out on Telegram: @Moonpirate_Coins

We are open to any suggestions. That’s the beauty of our project.

11. Poker + Games

MoonPirate held its first Poker night last week on PokerStars platform. Congrats to the winners!

Lucia is running this and is setting up a regulation and rules guide. Remember the main aim is to have fun and to also help MoonPirate grow in other areas (social networking/gaming has a lot of potential. We need to also ensure we represent the MoonPirate brand diligently and don’t tarnish our hard work in anyway.

Here is to many more successful Poker nights in the near future!

We are also looking to host game nights too (video games). As an example, let’s say we had 100 people in a battle royale (example only) in a game like PUBG. Something like the below could work:

100 people put in 0.1bnb to play.

Thats 10 bnb in total. It gets distributed as follows:

Donation wallet — 4 bnb
Winner — 3 bnb worth of MP
Second — 2 bnb worth of MP
Third — 1 bnb worth of MP

Not only is it fun, it will result in a 6 bnb buy of Moonpirate every time and 4 bnb straight to Marketing.

If anyone is interested in this, please join our dedicated group in Telegram:

MoonPirate Gamers Club

12. Twitter Giveaway + Elite NFT collection

We had over 250 contestants trying to guess what was inside our treasure chest! Only 8 people guessed correctly!

The answer was: DIAMOND HOOK.

Congrats to @GiorgioGGK

This was also showcasing our elite range of NFTs (we have a few being developed and they look CRAZY GOOD). Here is a screenshot from the low-res gif version:

Our NFTs will progress post the launch of Binance NFT (late June).

Whilst on the subject of Twitter, I (The Captain) have also made my twitter profile public. I’ll be sharing some fun MoonPirate facts, behind-the-scenes information and more. Make sure you follow me below:


13. MoonPirate Crypto-Rum (Get Nok)

Ok, some exciting news this week.

Firstly, yes Get Nok website is down. This will undergo a serious overhaul in the coming weeks.

Other news:

  • Get Nok received a shipment of 4 pallets of Nordic bottles!!
  • They are meeting with a Miami distributor to assist with shipping
  • They have setup equipment (will have photos soon)
  • They have tested a batch of the MoonPirate blend
  • They are happy with the MoonPirate test batch
  • They are going to submit this recipe to the federal government (requirement)
  • They have a picture of the test blend:
  • The test blend is “clear” because it doesn’t darken until you “age” it in the cask
  • Nick (Get Nok CEO) stated that is has a “beautiful burning sensation”
  • Nick (Get Nok CEO) stated that it will be a dark rum (as voted by MoonPirate holders), not as dark as kraken but he plans on it being a little darker than let’s say, Captain Morgan.
  • Full production will start late June/early July
  • Goal is to be in casks by end of July
  • Goal is to be bottled in September!!!!!

Ok guys, you’re probably thinking “that wasn’t a quick edition!” and looking back up, you may be right haha. But I actually did churn through this very quickly. Usually I spend close to 2 hours on these articles but due to time constraints today, I did this one in under an hour.

I hope you enjoy!

The Captain




For more information go to https://moonpirate.finance

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For more information go to https://moonpirate.finance

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